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Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona

Advanced Technology. Compassionate Care. Effective results.

Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment

We place people over profit to drive radical change in the treatment of prostate cancer using the most advanced techniques in prostate brachytherapy that give the best outcomes to patients. 

Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar | Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona
LDR Prostate Treatment | Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona

About PCIA

Meet Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar

The Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona (PCIA) is the only practice of its kind in the state of Arizona, focusing exclusively on low dose rate (LDR) prostate brachytherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer.


With superior precision, Radiation Oncologist Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar performs the approximate hour-long procedure at surgery centers in Phoenix and offers virtual consultations to anyone interested in the treatment nationwide.

Dr. Bhatnagar has been in clinical practice for more than 20 years performing prostate brachytherapy at his private practice in Casa Grande, AZ since 2007. He currently serves on the board of the Arizona Medical Association and served as the past president of the Arizona Radiology Society. He is a consultant to the Arizona Medical Board and an active member of the American Brachytherapy Society. 

Dr. Bhatnagar has made it his life's work to treat prostate cancer through innovation, education, compassionate care and superior therapy.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Treats Prostate Cancer at the Source

Seeds are implanted in the prostate gland to kill cancer at its source, minimizing damage to nearby healthy tissue.

Prostate Cancer Treatment Arizona

High Cure Rates & Minimal Side Effects

The approximate one-hour procedure yields high cure rates with minimal side effects.

Radiation Treatment Prostate Cancer

Evidence-Based Radiation Treatment

We only practice evidence-based medicine while giving the best treatment available.

LDR Prostate Brachytherapy

Ensures Erectile Preservation & Vitality

LDR brachytherapy has shown to have the best rates of erectile function preservation.

Prostate Cancer Treatments | Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona

Patient & Physician Success Stories

"It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Bhatnagar for the past 15 years performing LDR prostate brachytherapy together. He is a very skilled brachytherapist with extensive experience translating to excellent clinical results for our patients. The patients really enjoy the multi-disciplinary team approach we are able to provide for them."

Dr. Biren Patel, Arizona Advanced Urology

We are Committed to Your Health

Our mission is to combine cutting-edge technology, business acumen, compassionate care and clinical expertise to drive radical change in the treatment of prostate cancer through low dose rate prostate brachytherapy.

Prostate Cancer Institute of Arizona