Prostate Cancer Treatment Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy in Phoenix

Prostate Cancer Treatment
Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy in Phoenix

Prostate Seed Implantation 

PCIA delivers the results you need to treat prostate cancer at the source.

Our prostate cancer treatment process starts with a meeting with Dr. Ajay Bhatnagar, a highly-skilled radiation oncologist who is specialized in prostate brachytherapy, to explain the procedure details, benefits, and possible risks. Together with you and your referring urologist, we will decide if prostate brachytherapy is the best treatment for you. 

If it is determined you are a good candidate for low dose rate brachytherapy, Dr. Bhatnagar will perform the approximate one-hour procedure at a local surgery center within the Phoenix metroplex. You will be under general anesthesia to ensure you do not feel any pain. 

During surgery, radioactive seeds are placed permanently in the prostate gland, where they slowly release radiation over several months to kill cancer at its source. The placement of the seeds ensures cancer cells receive the most radiation while minimizing the impact on nearby healthy tissue. 

Once the seeds are placed in your body, you'll spend some time in the recovery area before going home the same day. Most men resume normal activities shortly thereafter. Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy has the same cure rate as other treatments, but less side effects and has shown the best rates of erectile function preservation. 

Please contact us directly to discuss the benefits and risks with you.

Brachytherapy LDR in Phoenix, AZ